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Calm Space Pack

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Introducing Miss Inclusivity's Calm Space Pack

A pack of multiple resources to allow for students to regulate their emotions in a safe space.

With research backed strategies - this calm pack will lead to students becoming independent wellbeing warriors to understand how to de-stress and regulate emotions through tough situations. 

Whats Included:

  • 'Our Strategies' on both a white or coloured background
  • 'Our Calm Space' Poster in 2 different sizes 
  • Inspirational Quotes File with 4 quotes formatted on both a coloured background and white background
  • 'I am Feeling' poster for students to recognise and identify the emotions they are feeling
  • Miss Inclusivity's Emotional Regulation Flashcards and Posters (a resource that is usually $2.50 by itself!)
  • Wellbeing Task Cards - part of the Early Finishers Task Cards pack! 


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