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Retro Floral Decor Pack

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Bring your classroom to LIFE with Miss Inclusivity's Range of Classroom Decor in the Iconic RETRO FLORAL PRINT... sure to cure any lack of pastel rainbow colours in your room!

The Retro Floral Decor Pack classroom collection includes:

  1. Alphabet Posters
  2. Alphabet Writing Posters (including writing lines) - in ALL state font and writing line options
  3. Affirmation Station
  4. Binder Labels & Covers [Editable]
  5. Bulletin Borders 
  6. Class Birthdays Display
  7. Desk Name Mats: including 1-20 number line and alphabet visual handy to access
  8. Flip Calendar [Editable]
  9. Number Posters: include subitising visual scaffolds  
  10. Letters for Heading Displays
  11. Powerpoint Slides for Explicit Instruction 
  12. Pull Out Tub Labels
  13. Classroom Door Display [Editable]
  14. Clock Display (with words and numbers)
  15. Classroom Schedule [Editable & Templates/Examples Provided) 
  16. Today is, Yesterday Was, Tomorrow Will Be... Visual 
  17. Trolley Labels [Editable Option]
  18. Varying Sized Labels
    • 8 to a page
    • 4 to a page
    • 3 to a page 
    • Circle labels
    • A4 Size Labels to customise to whatever size you need (rounded edge or straight edge)
    • 2 to a page
  19. Voice Level Monitors
  20. Where Should we be? Visual [4 templates included for edibility] 
  21. 120 Chart


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