Don't Just Take My Word For it....

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Retro Floral Lanyard 

Amazing quality!! I love it so much and have received so many compliments 🤩🤩

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Inclusivity Lanyard

I have regularly ordered from Miss Inclusivity - there are so many aspects of this brand I love!- The turnaround from placing order to receiving delivery was so fast (within a week). - The customer service is fantastic and Bridget is very easy to talk to and solve any problems that may have occurred when placing order. - The designs are so beautiful in life but are even more beautiful in real life. - You can get matching ones with your teacher besties!- The kids always compliment how nice they look - You feel assured knowing they have safety elements with the double clasp! Amazing products x 

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Early Finishers Task Cards (Upper Primary) 

Incredible, versatile resource! Super helpful for teachers who have students that get through their work quickly and find themselves sitting and waiting for the rest of the class to finish. I trialed this on my final placement and the kids loved it!