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Inclusivity Rainbow Alphabet Posters

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Provide visual cues with a bit of style to your classroom. 

Utilising the Beginners Font to entail correct writing practices into your space whilst also matching the cohesion of your style as well! ;) 

Available in a Neutral Boho colour scheme to suit the neutral queens! 

How to use

Accessorise your lanyard with your keys, whistle, flashcards, hand sanitiser or anything that you need to get you through the day!

Chuck the lanyard around you and you are SET!

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We LOVE seeing you sharing the love for the lanyards on the #TEACHERGRAM! Be sure to tag @missinclusivity!

Miss Inclusivity

Miss Inclusivity endeavours to provide products that will provide tools and resources for ALL pre-service teachers, educators and all those who educate the little ones of the future.